Few Words CSP

CSP stands for Customer Service Point which is also called a Bank Mitra. Bank mitra is an concept designed under PPP (Public Private Partnership) Where a Bank Mitra or CSP works as a representative or agent of Bank and appointed to provide Banking service to citizens. The Banking services like, Account opening, cash deposit acceptance and cash withdrawal etc.

Duties and Responsibilities of CSP

To help citizens to open a saving bank account under different government schemes and policies like “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna”

Benefits of Becoming CSP

Opportunity to work Bank Mitra to provide banking services which entitles you for the commission on it. As a Bank Mitra you earn some commission on accounts opening, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, Credit Card payments, Bill Payments



CSP is a Business Correspondent and Technology Service Provider to multiple banks. It has partnerships with biggest banks in India like State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank


CSP KIOSK Banking provide the Deposit Of Cash Withdrawal Of Cash And Money transfer to another bank account


CSP brings transferring money from your place of residence to any bank account across the country. It enables domestic money transfer through a very safe almost banks across India.


The microc redit loan cycles are usually shorter than traditional commercial loans with terms from typically six months to a year with payments plus interest, payed weekly.


Enrolment Agencies are entities hired by the Registrars for enrolment of residents during which demographic and biometric data are collected as per UIDAI enrolment process.


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